EAST Resource Group

Resource Group

‘EAST Resource Group’ is an initiative of professionals associated with activities of MRIT SNA Trust, but having independent business, activities of their own.

This is a conglomeration of specialists from various disciplines of science and technology related to environment and agriculture and having several years of quality education and experience.

Most of the experts in the group have carried out projects which are first time types and unique in nature. A selected list of projects completed by the group members is given below;

  1. Pigment recovery through ultrafiltration for paint industry effluent.
  2. Zero-discharge effluent treatment systems for textile effluents
  3. Development of mango orchard in dry land and subsequent organic certification
  4. Bio-diversity Indexing
  5. Self sustainable, Integrated waste management system for semi urban areas
  6. Organic farm certification programs
  7. Environmental awareness program for rural school children
  8. Watershed programs

The group is equipped to take up projects on turnkey basis or can offer technical services for execution of the project.

Industry related

Design and execution of effluent treatment plant
Design of complete waste management program
Consultancy for implementation of ISO 14001 based EMS
Environmental quality monitoring
Troubleshooting in effluent treatment process
Solid waste management

Agriculture related

Organic farm certification
Pre-audit farm inspection
Medicinal plant cultivation
Setting up organic input plants
Irrigation systems
Setting up Integrated Organic Farms

Sanitation related
Integrated waste management systems for rural and semi-urban areas Compost plants
Community based waste management solutions
Zero-energy, simple sewage treatment plants for small communities (Apartments / colonies / educational institutions)
Training school students / engineering students on waste management

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