Information related support rendered by Govt. of India to farmers, policies on organic farming, guidelines for marketing agri produce, certification related, export related

Website of Biodynamic Association of India giving information in Biodynamic farming methods

Website of ‘The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), providing information on principles of organic agriculture, standards and agencies involved in organic movement

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service is managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) of US Govt. Useful information on sustainable farming and organic certification (NOP) is available

US based organization called sustainable agriculture research and education.

Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living.

2. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere

Informative site for sustainable agriculture

Indian portal with useful information on market for agri commodities

Useful information on EM technology


Indian Standards – NPOP in English

Indian Standards – NPOP in Hindi

USDA Standards – NOP

European Standards - EEC N° 2092/91, EC N° 1804/199

Japanese Agricultural Standards- JAS

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