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Movement for Reduced Inputs and Tools for Sustainable and Natural Agriculture (MRIT SNA) is an initiative by a group of professional from various specializations such as environmental management, earth sciences, agriculture, social science and engineering.

This movement aims to promote natural farming system as means of environmental protection and sustainable agriculture. The group believes that converting to organic is the only way to sustain agriculture and there is an immediate need for it.

MRIT SNA operates a model integrated organic farm at Madurai for the purpose of demonstration of organic practices. This 9-acre model farm is divided into 10 plots; different crops are raised in different seasons by the member farmers with guidance of the expert team of the Trust.

Apart from running this model farm, the MRIT SNA is involved in the following activities.

  • Demonstration of natural farming practices
  • Self Help Groups / Farmer groups are making farm inputs required in organic farming for sale and distribution\
  • Farmer groups are experimenting with organic farming techniques at the model farm
  • Awareness campaign on organic farming
  • Networking to market and sell organic produce of local farmers
  • Training on organic and natural farming practices
  • Training on organic farm certification
  • Assist farmers market their organic produce
  • Promote concept on mixed farming
  • Update farmers on relevant new technologies
  • Provide information about government schemes
  • Help farmers avail support of government and private agencies
  • Carry out research on natural farming techniques

Key Personnel

Mannar Mannan
M.Sc Chemistry, M.Tech Environmental Management

Mannar Mannan is the founder of the movement. He is an environmental engineer by profession with rich industrial experience in environmental management.

He has held senior positions in leading corporate. He has also been instrumental in various companies getting national and international recognition for excellence in environmental management.

He received Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Environmental Management from His Holiness Dalai Lama in the year 2002.

He is an industrial consultant for waste management and Environmental Management System (EMS) such as ISO 14001. He is a certified lead auditor for ISO 14001 system and a qualified organic farm inspector.

Devi M.S.W, P.G. Diploma in Journalism

She has wide experience in organizing women groups in rural areas. She is managing the ‘model integrated organic farm’ at Madurai. Under her guidance, several groups of rural women are involved in making organic inputs. She is also running a 50 MT/month capacity vermi-composting unit at the model farm.


She is also heading the school programs of the Trust and hasorganized severalwaste management awareness campaigns for school children.

She is currently executing a district level environmental awareness programforrural schools.

Dr. Gunasekaran M.A. Ph.D.,

Dr. Gunasekaran is an expert educationist and social worker with rich experience. He was a faculty at Indian School of Mines. He is currently he is involved in various social activities related to rural education, livelihood programs, rural sanitation, women development and primary health.

He is also conducting regular programs for school children in environmental awareness, primary health and sanitation.

Dr. K.G.M. Pandian

Dr.K.G.M. Pandian is a specialist in Sidhha Medical System and is running International Naveen Siddha Research Institute for the last few decades. This institute is into research on medicines for Cancer, AIDS and other chronic diseases. He is operating clinics at Chennai and Madurai. He is helping MRIT SNA in programs related to rural health, herbal medicines for cattle and herbal cultivation.

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